2017- Selected Work – Da Pop Arte às Transvanguardas. International XIX BIENAL Cerveira. Portugal

2015 – 4th International Festival City Figueres, Exhibition CIRCUS,

Activity complementary to the International Circus awards.

2013 – 1st Prize, Biennial 100KUBIK Cologne, seriada Photography IV Call. Germany.

2012 – 1st Prize Girona Provincial People Project.

Call 2012 – 2013 Exhibitions Viajeras. Girona Provincial Council.

2011 –  Photography Award Foundation Vila Casas, Acquisition of work, SolTerra Palace,

Torroella de Montgri, Gerona.

2005 – 1st Prize XXI Contest, V International Painting, Homage to Isidre Mercadé

Organizers: Circulo de Bellas Artes of Lleida, Collaborator: Ilerdencs Studies Institute.

College of Technical Architects of Lerida.

– Selected in “Venus in Gava”. Curated by Arnau Puig. Barcelona.

– Selected Prize Painting, Ministry of Development. Madrid

2004 – 1st Prize Enterprising Art Contest, organized by U.I.R

Business Intersectoral Union. Ripoll. Gerona.

2003 – Honorable Mention Painting Contest, Ministry of Development. Madrid.

– National Painting Prize Juan Ramon Masoliver.

City Council of Montcada i Reixac. Barcelona.

2002 – Selected to Honda Painting Prize. La Garriga. Barcelona.

– Pictorial Research, Innovation and Artistic Experimentation. Salou. Tarragona.

2001 -. Selected Dasto Painting, Oviedo Awards Asturias.

– Prize at the II International Art Competition

Barcelona Motor Show, with the collaboration of Artexpo.

– Honorable Mention International EXPOSIÇÃO. Lousa. Portugal.

2000 – Contemporary Art XII Catalan sample 2000.  Canals- Art Gallery, Sant Cugat. Itinerant. Catalonia.

– Selected to Honda Painting Prize. La Garriga. Barcelona.

– Art Biennial 2000, Tapiró Awards Tarragona. Museum of Modern Art of Tarragona.

1999  – XVI National Painting Prize Vila de Teulada. Alicante.

-Third Prize Painting Prize VII Telax Vanguardista.  Organised by Antoni Pinyol Gallery. Reus.

– Selected II Biennial of Plastic Arts Rafael Boti. Delegation of Cordova.

1998  – XI Exhibition of Contemporary Catalan Art, Canals-Art Gallery, Sant Cugat. Barcelona.

-THAMBOS 3. ( “Stupor front of the artwork”). H. Association per a les Contemporary Arts. Vic.

– 7th Biennial Art Exhibition of Martorell. Barcelona.

-V Factory of the Arts. Antípoda group. Olot.

-I Open Art. Open gallery. Itinerant shows. Ripoll. Gerona

-1st Biennial avant-garde art .Barcelona Vic Casino.

1994   – Selected to participate in the XVII edition of the QUAM,

Workshop Ramón Xavier Rovira i Parramón. Barcelona. Montesquiu Art Fortnight. Barcelona

1993   – LI Centelles Painting Competition.

-Selected To participate in the XVI edition of the QUAM, Begoña Egurbide

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